Why consider funky suspenders in Summers 2020

Four colors available

Drawstring at the waist

Inner net

Ultra fast polyester

Two side pockets and one back pocket

Bow ties and ties

Accessories exclusively reserved for a formal use at the origin (even reserved for an elite), the bow tie and the tie can now be worn every day. It is thanks to their democratization that we have seen less formal pieces appear.

Made from a synthetic knit, the Dagobear bow ties say no to gloom and exhibit bright colors. Thus, a green with orange dots, a navy with white dots, a navy with white and red stripes and finally a navy round out this selection of pieces at reduced prices. Pre-tied, they are easily attached with a hook located at the back. An ideal companion therefore, for an evening or a wedding! As for ties, also made from a knitted fabric, they will be the basic master key that will give a trendy, vintage and colorful touch to all of your outfits.

  1. Belts and suspenders

Whether you prefer to hang your pants or tighten them at the waist, we suggest you finish this presentation of our twenty-fourth private sale with a selection of braided belts and a pair of suspenders. Still in the same spirit as the rest of the brand’s pieces, we have chosen colorful pieces. Red, white, navy and khaki, these are the colors that await you in this nice selection.

  1. Size guide

For sizes, the brand recommends ordering the pieces in our usual size. Thus, Erlé (1.86m for 67kg) wears the jerseys as well as the underpants and the boxers in S. Small precision however, the plain boxers seem to cut small, it will therefore be necessary to provide a larger size. For belts, each is 105 centimeters (from the end to the base of the buckle) and can extend up to 120 centimeters. In case of doubt, here is the Dagobear size guide.

  1. Private sale

It is therefore cheerfulness and color that we suggest you put in your pants (but not only!) For this private back-to-school sale. Colorful and quality products therefore, ideal to end the summer and start back to school serenely. As always, we have negotiated preferential rates for this operation. Thus, each product presented above benefits from a 30% and 40% discount (excluding shipping costs). To take advantage of this, simply enter the codes C1C40 for the jerseys and C1C30 for the rest of the products.

funky suspenders

If the funky suspenders were still there is little an accessory shamefully hidden in the depths of a wardrobe we can only undoubtedly notice, and this for a few years now, the return of the pair of suspenders on the front of the stage. But beware ! A fashionable piece does not mean that you have to wear it, there are rules to follow. I therefore offer a non-exhaustive list of points not to be overlooked and pitfalls to avoid.

the workers wear fabric suspenders, the middle class wear leather suspenders. But 1920 sounds the end of the suspenders. It was on this date that the first pants with belt loops were born, downgrading the suspenders into a simple fashion accessory. It will then be necessary to wait until the 60s in order to see them brought up to date again and in particular in England where the punk movement will use it as a provocation against decency and proper attire commonly accepted at that time.