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Henderson landscape design facility is working in Las Vegas for many years and we are coming up with the best services regarding land improvement. We offer the best solutions for your residential and commercial plots. Landscaping Henderson NV is a leading facility in the zone and we guarantee you that you will get unique landscaping aspects. We will surely change the look of your house.


Bunch of Opportunities

We are providing various landscaping opportunities considering your desire. People who are concerned about their land beautification are deeply connected with landscaping. This is because landscaping is not just about planting beautiful plants, it comprises of various options.



Pavers come in many shapes, size and colours. If you want to make your walkway and backyard smooth and seamless, the paver is one of the options. After completion, pavers make stiff and beautiful pathways. Surfaces made with concrete are rough and the look is not bright. However, pavers offer you varieties of paving stones and we will make your pathways according to your will. We can design your walkways for remarkable and eye-catching looks. Pavers are the best way to hide rough pathways. There are various shapes of pave stones square, hexagon, circle, wavy and many more.


Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is the best alternate of grass maintenance and watering problems. Also, maintenance costs dollars periodically. Artificial turf requires less care and there is no need to water. We can replace grass with artificial turf in no time. The turf installation is a one-time investment and there will be no further expenses of grass cutting, grass watering and maintenance. There are primarily three types of turf polypropylene, polyethylene and nylon. These chemical materials are non-toxic towards humans and animals.

Landscaping Henderson NV

Irrigation System 

If you want to have a natural-looking lawn but you are tense about the watering problem, Henderson landscape design is offering best irrigation systems. We have two types of irrigation systems in general, one is the drip irrigation system and other is sprinkle irrigation system. Principle of drip irrigation system is to water the plants through emitters and emitters eject water drop wise. Sprinkle irrigation system uses a sprinkler trough which water releases. The sprinkler irrigation system is preferable because in this case less water is used as compared to the traditional watering system.


Hardscape and Retaining Walls 

The main purpose of retaining walls is to provide a boundary for soil stay. There are on-ground retaining walls and above-ground retaining walls. Hardscape provides an additional place where you can grow and care plants of your interest.


Fire Pits

A fire pit is an apparatus that holds fire in it and stop it from spreading. We can fit fire pits in the ground to provide amazing moments for sitting. You can gossip with other members over the fire pit.


Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ Spot

An outdoor kitchen is a good option to use backyard space for comfortable sitting with cooking facility. We can build a kitchen and BBQ grill in a combined system including other features i.e. shelves, sinks etc.