An Extremely high quality hair dryer Acceptable for professional use

Katarina Stenskytt

Updated January 14, 2020

We’ve examined 6 different hair sprays and title the Remington The GHD Aura Drying kit as our Best option. It’s a potent and aesthetically pleasing hair dryer that may dry your hair without having heat. The GHD Aura Air is our hair dryer at the premium cost class. This hair dryer is of quite large quality and contains a blowing capability suitable for usage, providing you a distinctive experience each time you use it. GHD Aura Air


An Extremely high quality hair dryer Acceptable for professional use

As we expected, GHD left nothing to chance concerning layout quality when they created the GHD Aura Air. This high-quality hair dryer isn’t difficult to use and is equally effective. It’s an extremely long cable which means that you never have to worry about the space between the mirror as well as the outlet. It’s easy as the air flow is more focused very well when you attach the nozzle to the 25, to add volume. This makes it easy to work without which makes it and interrupting the rest.

The Aura Air’s powerful motor speeds up and slows down as you use it meaning that it won’t stop or alter the ability of this hair dryer abruptly. This GHD Aura Air’s design leaves an airspace between the airflow and the casing, which means that you always have the option to hold it without the risk of burning yourself and that the exterior of the hair drier never gets too warm. The nozzle is also designed to operate in the same manner, so 44 ° C gets warmer than the air. This means that you can use the hair drier very near the scalp without burning yourself.

The GHD Aura Drying kit

GHD’s products are generally of high grade, which meant our expectations of the hair dryer were extremely high. The Aura Air lived up to our high expectations and is definitely up to this normal. This hair dryer’s plan is very appealing and exudes an exclusive feel. After using it our own hair felt fresh and looked equally healthy and thick. Overall this is a professional product that’s acceptable for a hairdressing salon but also for anyone looking for a hair drier with exact control.

  • Very powerfulgives a distinctive experiencelong cablegood nozzle
  • Expensive
  • Locate bargain at

Braun HD710

A cheap hair dryer with a money-back guarantee Which Has a comfortable grip and gives hair a Fantastic end

Braun Satin Hair HD 710

Despite the Braun HD710 with the most significant power consumption (2200-watts) of all the hair dryers in this evaluation, we found it tough to use. We felt that the fan was too noisy and the cold or hot atmosphere nor the blowing power were impressive when we tested them. Unfortunately the cable can be too short, measuring 1.9 yards. We did enjoy the slide control makes it hard to change the temperature during use. When you are using the hair dryer this control also stays out of the way of your hands. One facet of the hair dryer is the fact that it is relatively cheap and has a warranty.

  • Cheapgood end resultcomfortable gripmoney-back guarantee
  • High powered but nevertheless a weak hair dryer
  • Find bargain at
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