Relationship with Real Estate Client – ​​How to improve?

The relationship with the real estate client is, without a doubt, one of the most important tools for building authority and being a real estate reference.

But, this is not always easy to achieve. After all, a good relationship with the real estate client must be guided by a series of situations and not just one or another attitude.

Taking into account the importance and difficulty of this process, we have separated a practical guide with some important tips that you need to consider when finding this good relationship.

The idea is not just to perform one or another marketing action so that your real estate agency is “right on tape”. But, yes, take actions so that the long-term results are, in fact, rewarding in this regard.

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Real estate client – ​​How to improve the relationship?

The real estate relationship marketing is one of the main pillars of this new world of business. Nowadays, the real estate client doesn’t just want a house to live. He wants to feel special, well taken care of and he wants to believe that he is closing the best deal of life.

And to be able to meet these needs, of course, your real estate agency needs to be prepared.

But it’s very easy to simply say that the real estate agency needs to be prepared and that you need to do something to adapt to the new business world.

So, let’s help you with some practical tips that you can write down and run today.

Understanding your customer and embracing him metaphorically is one of the best options for those looking for good results in the medium and long term.

After all, the sale itself is no longer everything. Of course, this is what puts money into the company. But it is necessary to strengthen roots and look for “something more” for the real estate life.

See our list of items to consider to serve, retain and satisfy your real estate client:

  • Know your customer in a complete and complex way;
  • The service needs to be personalized and exclusive;
  • Offer bonuses and extras – Make the product look more valuable;
  • Keep in regular and purposeful contact;
  • Invest in after-sales – The relationship does not end with the sale itself;
  • Make the customer feel at an advantage;
  • Produce content to add value to the relationship;
  • Be remembered for something specific;
  • The real estate consumer behaviorneeds to be studied;

We’ll talk about each of these situations in detail from now on. Come on?

Know your customer in a complete and complex way

The first step in having a good relationship with your real estate client is, without a doubt, getting to know them. Yes, you need to know your customer from head to toe.

After all, how could you have a healthy and lasting relationship without knowing the person on the other side?

To understand this more practically, we need only look at a marriage. It will only last if there is closeness, knowledge, intimacy and trust on both sides. Otherwise, everything will be difficult to deal with, and over time the relationship will start to fray and you may not even notice.

With your real estate clients, it’s the same thing.

This playful example can be used to start looking for ways to understand in more detail each step your client takes. And this can be done through Facebook campaigns, a good real estate CRM system or even real estate remarketing .

You will have the information you need to know what the next steps will be.

The service needs to be personalized and exclusive

The second most important aspect for any kind of long and lasting relationship with the customer needs to be, without a doubt, the service.

This phase is critical and this is often where the sale actually takes place. But, more than the sale, it is at this stage that the customer becomes a fan of your company. And that’s the most you can expect from someone.

After all, imagine that a person doesn’t just buy a product because they need it. But yes, you buy because you like the product and, above all, you like the brand or company. This makes your company’s value rise to very high levels.

After all, if the customer makes the company bill, wouldn’t it be great to make the customer love the company?

This is one of the most incredible benefits that good customer service can offer. Often the person will only come back for the service. Even if she doesn’t buy anything, she knows her real estate company helps and is human. In this case, word of mouth marketing will be in your favor in the medium and long term. Which is great.

So, always look for ways to personalize the service. Whatever it is. Seek to understand the customer or prospect and offer solutions according to the customer’s profile . Never believe that a product can serve all customers, ok?

Offer bonuses and extras – Make the product look more valuable

Have you ever stopped to think that a product is nothing more than the solution to a problem?

Whether it’s a problem related to housing, status or investment. It does not matter. From the moment someone buys something, they are meeting a specific need. And, in this case, wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to offer a bonus or something extra to the customer?

Often, a particular product even solves the prospect’s problem. But, that “little push” is missing for him to make the decision. And this little push can be endless things you can offer.

Whether it’s a discount, better payment terms, an easier entry or even an extended warranty. Anything that makes the product look like it’s worth more than it’s worth, make sure it helps your customer make the decision and buy.

And, of course, you will be building a relationship from these attitudes and benefits. The customer will understand that you wanted to help rather than sell. And believe me: prospects don’t like sellers. They like people who help. So change your mindset to this: helping is more important than selling. The sale will happen naturally.

Keep in regular and purposeful contact.

Keeping in regular contact is one of the most sensible ways to stay close to your real estate client. It is from the contact that a desire or a need is often born and is “reactivated” in the prospect’s mind. That’s why it’s critical that you keep close to your prospect portfolio at all times.

But, look: keeping in touch is not filling a prospect’s e-mail or cell phone with unmissable offers, promotions and discounts, ok? This is actually spam. And nobody likes spam.

Much less of a constant invasion with proposals that, many times, makes the prospect more distance than actually approach the real estate.

Keeping in touch on a regular basis is, above all, being present. And you can do this through content marketing for real estate , constructive emails, practical tips and various other types of assistance. This will show that you are available and on the prospects side.

And he, of course, will have a greater tendency to buy from you in the future which may be right up front.

Invest in after-sales – The relationship does not end with the sale itself

If you follow Ville Imob’s blog, you certainly understand the importance of after-sales in the real estate market . After all, this is one of the most admirable techniques in companies that are not only concerned with the sale itself. But they really care about building value and generating precious assets for the brand. In this case, good and loyal customers.

And after-sales is all about satisfying your real estate customers and how they will be able to buy your product again. Or, better yet: They will be able to refer and bring new customers to your company, without you using marketing force to do so.

Yes, after-sales is where all this can happen. After all, you will keep in close contact with the customer and they will realize that you didn’t just want to sell. But yes, I wanted to help. And when this feeling happens, you can have a friend/customer for life. Can believe.

A good after-sales service needs to have a satisfaction survey, free content, unexpected product extensions (bonus), exclusive discounts for next purchases, free help with documentation and, of course, partnership. The more you demonstrate partnership to your prospect, the better!

Make the customer feel at an advantage

Whenever we study the customer profile, the most important needs or the purchasing decision characteristics, we will notice something in common: customers need to have a sense of exclusivity and advantage over the purchase. That is, they need to realize that the purchase is far more valuable than it actually is.

And, of course, this is not an easy task to apply on a daily basis. After all, you need to understand your prospect in detail. What may be advantageous to one may not be beneficial to the other. And from there, you will determine which bonuses and advantages you can offer for each profile.

But, most important of all, is this lesson: Make the customer feel that he is buying more than what he is actually paying for. Often, simply offering a discount may not be the best alternative. So you will be devaluing the product, and not adding more value to it. Instead of a discount, it might be a good idea to offer useful and valuable gifts.

And gifts, in this case, it’s not a mug, or a pen or a cap, ok? Think of ways to make the customer feel at an advantage. This will be great for closing a lot of sales.

Produce content to add value to the relationship

Producing content is one of the most amazing ways to stay close to your customers and prospects. And, as you know, maintaining proximity is also synonymous with maintaining a good relationship to generate more sales in the medium and long term. So don’t hesitate to invest in content production for your real estate client.

This content production can happen in a number of ways. In other words, you can create a real estate blog , feed your company’s social networks or even send emails with valuable content. The important thing is this: generate value!

Don’t produce content just for the sake of it. The more value you can generate for your customer base and prospects, the more appreciative they will be. Even if unconsciously. And this is very important so that new sales can happen within a relatively short period of time.

Producing content for your real estate client is one of the most sensible ways to get them closer to your brand. The content, in fact, brings and aggregates. Always think about it.

be remembered for something specific

Being remembered is critical to success. After all, you may have already seen that famous phrase, “who is not seen, is not remembered”. And she has a very strong true imprint. But more than being remembered, you need to be remembered for something. In the case of a company, even more so.

Therefore, work exhaustively so that your brand has a competitive edge that makes prospects and customers automatically remember it. An example of this is Apple. When someone talks about technology, computers or smartphones, the vast majority of people will think about Apple devices. Mainly in the US.

This happens for a simple fact: great product, great differential. These two characteristics, when combined, make people automatically remember. Try implementing this in your real estate agency.

The behavior of real estate consumers’ needs to be studied

And finally, never give up the study of consumer behavior in the real estate market . This is one of the surest ways to naturally reach your ideal customer and, above all, make them buy.

When you master your prospect’s needs, wants, wants, and preferences, absolutely everything becomes easier.

You’ll be able to do better campaigns, better actions, better service and, of course, better sales. Take advantage of our tips to put them into practice.

We wish you success and, of course, count on Ville Imob to help your real estate agency be even more professional, with exclusive and dedicated systems and tools.