Radon Evaluation

Radon can be detected with the help of kits. There are two conducts to sense the presence of radon, one is short-term test and other is long-term test. Short-term test can be conducted within a week and instrument needed to detect radon is Alpha track detector. Charcoal is used in this process. It absorbs the amount of radon and after testing period this specimen is send to the lab for analysis. Long-term test can long for up to 90 days. Electret ion chamber is used.

In order to lessen or eliminate the amount of radon from a place, radon mitigation systems are used. These radon mitigation systems basically consist of three major steps digging, fan installation and piping. Considering the nature of soil and basement through visual survey, it is observed that how the maximum amount of radon can be detached from place. The system is installed in the basement. Firstly, the hole is dig out in the basement to reach the conceivably basis of the radon. After digging hole, the indoor piping is fixed. The pipes are made up of PVC which outspread the overall life span of the radon mitigation system. Next is the fan installation and after it, final step is outdoor pipe assembly. During the installation of the radon mitigation system, the most considerable thing is to overawed any kind of crack or hole in the pathway because they can act as interruption for the proper working of the fan. And the life span of whole radon mitigation assembly and fan can be affected. After complete installation of the radon mitigation system, the system testing is done sporadically to ensure the proper working of the radon mitigator. Testing is done with the help of devices to ensure that there is no problem is the working of the radon mitigator.

How to pass a radon test`? It depends on radon mitigation system progress. If system is working properly then there is no issue and if not, it will be a mess. The working of radon mitigation system is judged by performing tests (long-term test or short-term test). These tests ensure the working of the mitigator.


Charcoal canisters are best if someone wants to get an idea that what test method will be suitable for Radon testing. This device can give you the appropriate results over the time.

If you are proposing an offer on a house and radon is the worry, make sure to conduct the test with any continuing device. These devices measure and file the amount of radon in the air, as well as air temperature and barometric variations which occur if doors or windows are opened during the testing period.


Radon poisoning is symptomless, sensing that it gives no expressive indication of contact. A person cannot see, taste or smell radon with his senses. For this motive, considering all crucial protections against radon exposure are very significant. A person starting to feel chest pain, cough and blood or experience breathing complications should visit a doctor instantly to rule out lung cancer.