Manfrotto 190Go! M-Series Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

The Manfrotto 190go! M-Series Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod is a 4-segment tripod that is rated for a load potential of about 15 pounds, stands as much as 58 inches tall, and weights underneath 3 pounds. Here’s my hands-on evaluation.

This overview is some other in my ongoing collection of palms-on opinions of travel tripods. In this one, I’m looking at the Manfrotto 190Go! M-Series tripod.

There are two variations of it. The one I’m using here is the carbon fiber model. There’s additionally an aluminum version that has very comparable specs however is a touch heavier, a little much less stiff, and pretty a bit inexpensive. The carbon version has a load ability of 15.Four kilos (7 kg), a maximum top of nearly fifty eight inches (147 cm), folds down to under 18 inches (forty five cm), and weighs underneath 3 kilos (1.Four kg).

Manfrotto, of course, has a protracted and Best Travel Tripod  outstanding records with images gear. They’re an Italian brand (now owned with the aid of a British enterprise)–with much of their equipment made in Italy–this is well-known for his or her tripods and add-ons. Their tripods have a tendency to cater toward the center the price variety to distinguish them from the better-quit gear of their sister logo Gitzo.

Legs of the Manfrotto 190Go! M-Series Tripod

Many of the other travel tripods available on the market fold returned on themselves to decrease their packing size. After Gitzo delivered it several years in the past, many other manufacturers have in view that copied it, and it has turn out to be the brand new general way for journey tripods to fold down to their minimum length. This one doesn’t do this. It folds up the old skool manner.

The leg extensions use preferred twist locks. They may look a little extra commercial than a number of the others, but they characteristic the equal manner. They’re a grippy rotating lock. These have a linear locking mechanism in place of the fancier mechanism that some different tripods use. I’ve located them to lock tight and be easy to use inspite of bloodless hands.

The perspective locking mechanisms are different. In broad outlines, they’re essentially a spring-loaded ratchet lock. But they’re a touch more quirky than is general. Normally, I prefer spring-loaded locks, however I’m now not entirely sold at the way the method has been implemented here. On the plus facet, they’re streamlined and flush to the legs. But I’ve determined them a touch awkward to launch. They additionally have quite a variety of motion within the mechanism. It’s secure enough, however it just doesn’t experience that at ease whilst you’re working it.

Center Column.this tripod’s celebration trick is that middle column can be switched out to a parallel bar to make it clean to shoot instantly down. It’s no longer the most effective tripod that can do this–the Benro GoTravel does this too, for example–but I’m impressed with the mechanism of this one. It feels stable (greater stable than the Benro, for instance) and is straightforward to use.


It comes with angled rubber toes. They have surfaces that lie flat to the ground, so that they’re a bit more grippy than the greater fashionable conical feet.

The Little Things

There is one small aspect that’s sacrificed to deal with the mechanism that swings out, and that’s a hook on the lowest of the middle column to connect weights or ballast. There isn’t one in this tripod. Instead, there’s a launch button which you use whilst you want to swing the center column out.

On the facet is what they call an Easy Link. It’s basically just a threaded attachment factor, however it could come in available as a sort of software attachment.