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Types of Popular Pakistani Dresses with Season:

Every summertime each one the popular Women fashion brands start their Summer Collection Designs. In Pakistan suited fabric for summer outfits is Lawn. These designs are either printed or embroidered. Popular designer lawns in Pakistan are by


Sobia Nazir

Shehla Chatoor Yard

Pakistani lawn dresses are manufactured mainly in Faisalabad. This city is the heart of Pakistani Textile suppliers and manufacturers. Most of Designers outsource their manufacturing to factories here. Lawn suits are easy and Pakistani wear for women. They’re lightweight and comfortable to wear that is why clothing for summer here.

In Winter Pakistani dresses we get to find some nice hot khadder and linen matches with woolen shawls. Some of the most cozy winter outfits are exported from Pakistan Though we dont have winter yet. Winter collection for khaadi online shopping this year was average in terms of style and design. However when it comes to chiffon dresses, Pakistani brands just rock it. Most of the festive events like wedding are happening in winter here. Thus, many fashion manufacturers start their fancy outfits .

Types Of Women Dresses in Pakistan predicated on Fabric:

Chiffon Pakistani Suits

Indian and Korean community is fond of chiffon dresses all over the world. Formal and wedding events are incomplete without chiffon suits that are fancy. Depending upon embellishment and lace type chiffon gowns vary in cost. An increase in popularity of Designer chiffon gowns is seen. Hence Designer Brands are currently launching chiffon Collars with handwork and embroidery. Some of the best mentions are

Serene Premium Luxury Chiffon Collection

Charizma Wedding Bells

Baroque Chiffon dresses

Crimson chiffon Collection

Rang Rasiya chiffon Wedding Series

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Modern AGHA NOOR Chiffon Collection Master Replica 2020


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Amazing ASIM JOFA Chiffon Collection Master Replica 2020


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Khaddar suits collection:

Khaddar suits with woolen shawl are most popular in the winter. Fresh Khaddar suits Designs came this winter and Pakistani fashion fans rushed to grab them in the shelves of the Designer. This year, not just in shops but record sale in online buying of Khaddar suits was witnessed. Khaadi is still the very best Designer in Khaddar prints.

Types of Pakistani Dresses at Style

Simple prom outfits:

Before diving to the wonderful fancy clothes for women. Let us examine fashion styles and Simple Pakistani dresses styles. Normally these easy garments are worn out as ladies wear. Simple shirt design with any wonderful print or embroidery is really common. On a casual summer day you can put on a nice embroidered Lawn kurti with a plain pants along with sleeves.

Lately digital published tops from Sana Safinaz Muzlin collection have been quite popular. Back meant a very long shirt paired with a pants. However, this year the simple Lawn collection comes with artistic cutwork and embroidery.

Notable mentions for easy dresses for girls in designer lawn:

Maria B 2019 Lawn Collection

Rangrasiya Rouge yard

Baroque Yard (from Eid)

Asim Jofa’s 2018 Lawn collection

Sana Safinaz 2017 Lawn Collection

Maria B 2016 Lawn Set