Types of web hosting: Shared Website Hosting

As the name suggests server is shared with 100-1000 websites. Yes, Your site will be put along with different sites. Shared Hosting is the most popular option among website owners and the entry bloggers. Because It is cheap hosting compared with the other programs available on the market.

Each of the expenses incurred in keeping one colocation hosting examples All of the website owners that subscribe to this strategy recover server. Resources are shared.

Why shared hosting is much cheaper compared to all that is The programs.

To know it imagine 100 members Out there and the exact same plate I will leave it.

colocation hosting examples

Few Examples:

  • SiteGround, 
  • Inmotion, 
  • Bluehost

When Should I Use?

Consider it using one. For those of you who want to jump into paying option, Shared Hosting is the ideal place. Small stores, small Websites , Small businesses are the ideal target market for this option.

Kinds of web hosting

What Does It Mean?

VPS hosting is like shared hosting anyhow with some privileges. VPS Hosting Hosts a number of websites for performance. Normally, sites with decent quantity traffic (100,000+) are hosted on VPS plans.

20-30 sites may be hosted on a single server, which provides Resources for every site. VPS plans are expensive than shared hosting plans.

To know it envision 10 members The exact same plate. Now each member can have additional food (Resources) in comparison to associates in shared hosting.

Few Examples:

When Can I Use?

You can begin with VPS. But you Unless you will need some specific features like IP address that was unique, Would not be required that lots of resources in the first days of your website.

Let me put it this way VPS is an upgrade to Shared website hosting. Since your website is grown by the visitors to your website begins consuming resources which may impact different websites so you need to upgrade your plan. You’re better with shared 13, unless you do not have huge traffic.

Cloud/Grid Web Hosting:

Kinds of web hosting

What Does It Mean?

Cloud is the word on the online today. Many Of the hosting companies started offering hosting packages that are cloud. Bunch of servers are all linked together forming a mega host.

Websites hosted on the cloud have greater flexibility of Scaling up. Sudden spikes in traffic can be readily handled and there is not anything.

Unlike Traditional programs Cloud hosting is different In its payment arrangement.

Prepayment is done in hosting plans that were Conventional For a month or year. Together with Cloud Hosting we cover just for a number of resources we have. And the best part is that we pay as we go.

Few Examples:

SiteGround, Cloudways, Bluehost Cloud Engine, AWS And more.

Note: Cloudways offers Cloud hosting option. Cloudways has partnered with Amazon Web Services, Google, VULTR, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Kyup to Supply a Selection of option.

When Should I Use?

Cloud hosting is most effective for those with technical know how. As Of making payments dependent on the resources you 16, It entails a whole lot of aspects. For this reason, you want to know about how much funds you are consuming and how to maximize it. Cloud Hosting isn’t as simple as hosting since it involves a learning curve that is fantastic.

It is the best match for SAAS products and stores that are eCommerce And sites with enormous traffic.