Importance of colocation hosting

For a company, you’ve got tons of options when it comes to deciding on the hosting design to back up your institution’s site, information, and IT network. LightWave Networks, In our Dallas and Boston colocation firm, we provide three host. At both information centers, we sponsor cloud servers, VPS, and servers in Dallas and Boston. In regards to comparing VPS vs. dedicated vs. clouds — following is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of every choice. A blend of dedicated and shared hosting, your institution’s site and community is hosted on a host but the host is split into virtualized server environments. You have control of the maintenance, repair, and direction of your atmosphere.

colocation hosting


You pay for everything you require, so it is less expensive than dedicated servers.

More secure than conventional shared server hosting, since applications separates your personal server environment from different customers.

Scalable using a VPS growing as your host needs growth.


Oversold and packed  colocation hosting servers can cause crashes during especially substantial peak traffic times.

Without detailed assistance from your hosting service supplier, unmanaged VPS hosting alternatives could be tricky to configure.

Dedicated hosting enables a customer to rent an whole server not shared with anybody else, a dedicated host. No other firm except is currently hosting network and their own site . Having a dedicated server, your organization has control over the sources on its settings and this your own server. The choice of hardware, operating system, and specifications that are precise are around you.


You receive an entire dedicated server to yourself that supplies you uninterrupted top performance.

Complete control over configurations which lets you to completely customize the machine to your precise specifications and in a means which most fits your business’s requirements.

Quick speeds since you don’t need to talk about server resources with different customers.


A costly choice. It is among the hosting versions that are expensive.

Your organization needs its in-house IT staff which will have to complete responsibility for your host’s direction, upkeep, and repair. Dependent on the cloud theory, cloud hosting allows to act as a single platform. Using cloud servers, network and your institution’s site is going to probably be hosted on a subsection of a host, but it is going to use tools from a community of existing servers.


Reputable; cloud hosting has been encouraged by the countless servers located at a data centre with a numerous redundancies.

Adaptive and readily scalable; cloud hosting may easily adapt your need for more funds with time. Your organization will not be restricted to the limitations that include this along with one server.

You merely pay for the tools you use, so this really is a cost effective alternative.


Preparing a cloud hosting solution frequently involves a fairly considerable learning curve. If you rely on colocation experts like ours in LightWave 14, this is mitigated.

As you share a resources with different customers, cloud hosting stocks similar safety issues to conventional shared hosting.