funky suspenders

By Rody says “the redhead”, August 04, 2016 (article updated on April 04, 2017)

Fashion is a constant renewal. If one of the most famous sayings of the French language does not really give pride of place to the intellect of stylists, it is clear that the “fashion sphere” is cautious level audacity and inventiveness: what was tacky yesterday will suffer a masterful hype tomorrow and vice versa. That said, there are, however, pieces that deserve to cross the ages, regardless of the fashions in force. Today, I decided to tell you about an accessory long stored in the closet and associated with Grandpa’s wardrobe, I named the pair of suspenders. This article was therefore produced in order to twist the neck to the legend affirming that saying “funky suspenders” three times in front of a mirror changes us into Steve Urkel!

A little history

The exact date of creation of the suspenders is a little vague but several sources agree that they appeared in France during the Revolution. Simple ribbons of fabric that hold the pants in place, they become more sophisticated over the years in order to adopt a first H-shape (thank you Bavaria!). It was not until the beginning of the 19th century that suspenders appeared in the traditional form, namely in X, the Y shape only appearing from the 1850s. Until this date, although they were born from ” a practical necessity, suspenders are a source of social divide:


Do and Don’t

The Do

Differentiate the forms of suspenders. Nowadays, only two forms of suspenders are used: that known as “X” and that known as “Y”. A pair of straps in X crosses on the back. They offer better support than the Y straps because they have four fasteners. As for the Y straps, they will satisfy people with broad shoulders. Finally, two types of fasteners exist: with buttons or with clips.

Adapt your suspenders to your outfit. If the suspenders were still considered there are little underwear, the current trend tends to reveal this piece of male wardrobe. So there are a few things to keep in mind if you don’t plan to hide them under a vest! First, the pants. As trivial as it may be, the first rule of thumb when wearing suspenders is to wear pants without a belt loop. Speaking of a belt, you are aware that, if you wear a formal outfit, your shoes must match that. This rule also applies to the suspenders, but only at the level of the attachments: often made of leather, they must correspond or, at least, approach the color of your shoes. The rest of the pair of suspenders should obviously blend in with the rest of your outfit.

Choose the type of suspenders according to the style adopted. Basically, there are two major styles with which the suspenders always match: the rock style and the dandy chic / dressed style. For the former, one of the rules to follow is to choose leather suspenders: this type of suspenders was adopted in the early 1950s with the birth of rockabilly. Worn over a polo shirt or shirt, with red selvedge jeans and Redwings on the feet, they finish off perfect a resolutely rock outfit. For a more formal outfit, be sure to choose button fasteners only. Your pair of suspenders should, as indicated above, be harmoniously associated with your outfit.